Are you exhausted and sleep deprived?
Is your baby keeping you awake in the night?

Dr. Mitelman can help both you and your baby get the sleep you need.

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Toddlers & Young Children

Does your child need help falling asleep?
Does your child wake in the night? Is your child wetting the bed?

Dr. Mitelman can help both you and your child get the restful night sleep you both need.

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Older Children & Teens

Is your child getting enough sleep? Is your child moody or irritable due to lack of sleep? Is technology interfering with your child’s sleep?

Dr. Mitelman can help your child achieve a restful night sleep.

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Dr. Mitelman provides individually tailored treatment plans for families with children of all ages. Her non-judgemental, open minded approach allows families to benefit from healthy sleep.

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Dr. Mitelman offers workshops to teach healthy sleep habits to parents and child care providers. Please do not hesitate to contact her if you would like to reserve a workshop of your own. Click here for past workshops.